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Tawny Marteney

Hello! My name is Tawny Marteney. I am 22 Years Old. I live in Oregon. I think the internet is great because we get a chance to peer into the lives of strangers, that we would otherwise know nothing about. Which to me, is very interesting. So, I thought I would create my own site, so other people can get the chance to take a peek into my life! I hope you enjoy!

I wanted to create this website mainly to blog about my ideas, thoughts, feelings, randomness, and whats going on in my life. However, this site is also a place where you can take a peek into my family, learn how to teach yourself Sign Language, and check out a few of my awesome YouTube Videos.

 I love to do many things! Some of my hobbies are: Sign Language, knitting, crocheting, blogging, sports, drawing, crafts, and a million other things. I get started on one thing, and before I know it I'm on to the next! I have to make it a point to finish what I have started!