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My YouTube.

I thought I would share a few of my YouTube Videos. If you enjoyed any, go to my YT channel to check out the rest of our videos!

Spoofs and other silly videos.

These are some silly videos Michael and I made, when we were bored and feeling silly!

Orb Video

We were going to film a bunch of random stuff, then play it in fast foward to see what it looked like. Then when we played the video back this is what we saw...

Some people say its ghosts or orbs, some people say it's dust, some people say it's small balls of energy. Im not sure what it is. However, I'm almost positive it was not bugs, I was looking right in the direction it was filming the whole time and saw absolutely nothing there. A few of them may be dust, but some of them move fast and then slow down, move in different directions, and seem to light up. I can't say what they are for sure, but I can say 100% for sure, we did not make, or fake them in any way.