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Teach Yourself Sign Language

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I have always had a huge interest in Sign Language. I could never understand any of it though! So, one Chistmas, my wonderful mother-in-law bought me this book. The Joy of Signing. It's a really great book. I studied it whenever I could, I came up with small ways to help me remember the signs, and eventually I got it down! This book was so helpful for everything. Not only does it have pictures and explanations of each sign, but it also has the origin of each sign, which gives you a better understanding of the sign. With this book, and the videos and links on this page, you can be signing in no time!

My Sign Language Vlogs

These are some of the Sign Language vlogs I put on YouTube. It helped a lot in the process of learning to take some videos of myself signing and playing them back. I recommend it if you are teaching yourself! Even if it's just for you to see! The top video is a video I made to Michael for our anniversary. The bottom video, with captions included, was a video I made when I first started learning, thats why its a little slower!

The American Manual Sign Language Alphabet

If you are trying to teach yourself signing, one of the first steps to learning, is learning the alphabet. Also, once you have the alphabet down you can communicate with anyone!

Other Helpful Videos

Helpful Websites For Teaching Yourself Sign Language

These are some websites I found that are perfect for teaching yourself Sign Language! Check them out!